Rabbit goodies



So I went bunny shopping…again. I got a few Naturals treats and a Living World salad bowl.

I have tried several of things from the Naturals range and I have been impressed with all of them. They are what they say they are ‘Natural’ and a perfect treat for your buns.

I myself mix them in to some forage and some hay so the buns have to root around to find the yumminess. 

I haven’t had anything from Living World before but I had heard good things. So they do a range of different salad bowls and I picked one at random. When opened it smells amazing and very tempting (for a rabbit). I mixed it all up with some readigrass and gave the buns two handfuls for them to much in their litter box.  Well lets just say it soon disappeared, not a trace was left.


The salad I got contained parsley, parsnip, meadow grass and sweet pepper. So you can imagine why it smelt so delicious to a few hungry bunnies.



This is a mixture of the Living World salad, some readigrass and the celery crunch from Naturals.

The buns love tucking in to this in their litter box when I sprinkle some over their hay. It keeps them quiet for a little bit whilst I clean up those poops that don’t make it into the litter box haha.


vvvvvv See for yourself the results vvvvvvImage


Productive Bunny Day

My god I love a good productive bunny day.

Today I completely blitzed the rabbits hutch, they had been a little bit naughty and peeing in places they shouldn’t . Tut tut bunnies.

So my cleaning spray came out and for the first time I used some white vinegar in the places they had been using as their toilet in the hope they won’t go there again. I don’t hold much hope though.

A few days ago I also bought them a new litter tray because the one I had was looking a bit old and they didn’t really seem to use it as much so I thought a change might be worth a try.  The old one was just a modified plastic storage box so that they could get more hay but then I found it to be much messier because Sophie would just dig her litter out.



So there is the new litter tray which is actually a cat litter one but it means it is much bigger and as you can see from the beautiful models they fit in it comfortably and they can actually lie down in there too.

Also I don’t know if you can see but I have also put in a new little hay holder on the side wall of the hutch. Its a little bird feeder but it just gives them a little more hay and a bit more to keep them interested. So my dad just put in a little screw and the holder just hooks on nicely. They can also reach the hay rack that is on the door from the litter box.


So that is my set up at the moment.

Okay I know a lot of people will hate my set up because it isn’t big enough and I honestly don’t have an excuse.  It is a 6ft by 3ft hutch and they don’t have an attached run. I am trying my best to convince my parents in to letting me put a run around the front. I am 25 but I live with my parents so unfortunately it is their house and I don’t get much say. Of course if it was up to me they would be house bunnies with free rein  or even outdoor bunnies with a large shed but I can’t do anything about that I’m afraid.

A lot of people will also not like that I use wood shavings. I am fully aware of the dangers (respiratory problems) but I have never had a problem with using them. I am however doing some research in to megazorb and if I could use that but its also storing it for me thats the problem..again because it’s my parents house and I’m already getting moaned at about all their stuff haha.

I have a cupboard in the garage where I keep my bunny supplies which I also blitzed today so everything is much more organised and easier to get too.

So that was my bunny productive day.. I managed to get them sorted but I on the other hand have washing and other jobs to get on top of.

All the best

Nat x

Hay Expert delivery


I was SUPER excited yesterday to receive my order from The Hay Experts http://www.thehayexperts.co.uk

I placed the order on Saturday 11th and it arrived on Tuesday 14th so was impressed with delivery time. It is obviously quicker to come when ordered on working days.

You get emailed with a time for estimated delivery and it came within that time, on purchase you can give delivery instructions or arrange a certain delivery day.

So I opened up this beauty and it smelt amazing! It was well packaged and there was no damage to anything.

Okay so what did I get?


I got a bag of Readigrass by Friendly Estates.

A bag of Vitaverde hay and peppermint by Vitakraft

A bag or birch leaves by The Hay Experts

The sample bag set which contains 6 different types of hay for your bunnies to sample so you can test what they will prefer without it costing you a fortune.

I also bought a few willow toys and pinecones (but more on them another day)

Okay so the hay..

I bought Readigrass because it said on the website what a high fibre food it was.  I had been slightly worried about my Sophie’s poops as they have been a bit small and dark which I’ve heard can be due to low fibre.

Since purchasing I’ve spoken to a few people who have said Readigrass shouldn’t be fed all to often as its high in calcium. So just a few handfuls a day.

Well lets just say the buns wolfed it down!

I don’t blame them either because it smelt AMAZING. I just sprinkled some in with their pellets and a little in with their hay and it disappeared pretty quick.

They have also tried the deans meadow hay sample which they also seemed to like so I have already ordered a bag of that haha.

Today I have given them the hay and peppermint. Whilst they are eating it ..I think it’s only because thats all they have.. They normally start eating hay straight after their pellets but the hay and peppermint seems to stick around longer.  I bought this one as the buns love their mint with their vegetables but it doesn’t seem to have the same impact with this hay.

So we are going to spend the next week working our way through the different samples and seeing what the buns like best and I shall be on bun poop watch to see how things go haha.

I would definitely recommend The Hay Experts website. The prices are very reasonable and delivery was very quick and easy.

I will be purchasing from them again thats for sure… I just have to find the space to put it all.

My Rabbits Diet


I know diet is such a HUGE part of caring for Rabbits properly I also know that if a rabbits diet is what can cause most problems thats vets see.  The last time I went to see my vet he told me that most complications/problems he sees is caused by a bad diet and he mentioned a few horrible stories 😦

So as we all know a buns diet should mainly consist of hay…more hay and more hay.                                             images

My buns prefer meadow hay at the moment so…pretty basic.  They have had excel hay in the past, they have had Burgess Excel Herbage and Burgess Excel Dandelion and Marigold. They also had Western Timothy Hay by Oxbow I believe.

My one rabbit Maisy.. (The black and white one) has what i call soft poop.  It isn’t runny it just looks a little moist and can be a little big. I went to the vets several times and we gave her a few different things but it didn’t change. Her weight didn’t falter at all. So we decided …this may just be what her poops are like.

Because of this though he thought it best to cut out the dandelion and marigold as it may be to sugary/rich for her and the same with the Timothy hay ..so that is how we got onto meadow hay..it seemed to be the most basic..

Rabbits need unlimited hay. It helps their digestion and also keeps their teeth down as their teeth never stop growing.  So hay should be available at all times.

My buns eat Burgess Excel Adult nuggets/pellets.  They have enough just to cover the bottom of their bowl twice a day.  My buns adore them, if it was up to them they wouldn’t eat anything else.  Rabbits do not need pellets so those that do have it shouldn’t be given too much.

Okay on to vegetables. Once again vegetables should be limited they contain lots of sugar and things that can be hard for bunnies to digest. My buns can’t eat an awful lot because they get really soft poops.

Everywhere you look on the internet are lists of rabbit suitable vegetables,fruits and herbs but they may not all agree with your rabbit.

Herbs tend to suit my buns better. Things like Mint and different types of parsley. They also like spring greens/kale/romaine lettuce/tomato’s / strawberries…ok this would be a long lost if i went on.


I keep all my veg in plastic containers in the fridge with a wet kitchen towel on the bottom and one on the top and it lasts for much longer. My buns only get veg a few times a week.  I know others get it every day but I think it really depends on the rabbit.


In the picture above you can see a black bin to the right of their hutch. In here is where I keep all their daily things. I have a bag of hay a little container of pellets that normally lasts just over a week. Everything stays dry in here and its handy right next to them. I keep the rest of my things in a large cupboard in the garage.

Diet can differ with rabbits just like it does with humans, it can effect them in many different ways. Any change that is made to a rabbits diet must be done slowly, it must be a slow transition so as not to upset their stomach.

Let me know what you feed your buns and  any comments are welcome.

Nat x

Bunny Introductions

ImageThis little bun is Sophie. She is a dutch rabbit and full of mischief with a big personality.  She was born in Feb 2013.  My nephew named her Sophie after a girl at pre-school.

Sophie loves to explore and always gets in to places she knows she isn’t supposed to. A whole room to go in…she wants to get in the cornered off part where all the electric cables are. She also loves to hide under the sofa and eat any little bits of food that may have dropped down through gaps in the cushions. 

Pellets are her favourite food but she is very good with her vegetables and hay …though if pellets are there the rest don’t get looked at.   She also enjoys throwing things around..I find it hard to tell if she likes it or if she is just throwing things out of her way that annoy her…it makes me laugh even if she is annoyed haha. I’ve learnt that if i put chews/toys in their hutch Sophie tends to move them all to one corner so they aren’t in her way…she would much rather chew on her stairs …not an impressed bun mum.



This beautiful face is Maisy she was also born in Feb 2013. I believe she is some sort of English mix but we aren’t sure. 

Maisy is a lot quieter and much more shy than Sophie. Even now she can run and hide in the sheltered part of their hutch from me if she thinks I might be getting her out. 

I’ve discovered in the last 2 weeks that Maisy loves willow. She seems to love destroying whatever she can if its made of willow. She is also much more happy to just loaf around than doing any hopping and binkying (unlike Sophie who does it quite often).


The buns are outdoor rabbits they live in a two storey hutch in a place that doesn’t get the wind/rain so much and that also isn’t always in the Sun during summer. I have a big run out in the summer which they are in most of the time though they can’t be left on their own as we get birds of prey fly over and also cats that I’ve seen watching them. Plus naughty Sophie learnt how to jump out ( I have since got a taller run) and she taught Maisy, so I would look up to find them taking free run eating things they shouldn’t. 


Anyway thats the buns. If you would like to know any more then let me know 

Nat x 




My Birthday

Good evening!

Today is my 25th birthday yaaayyy.

I even had a little birthday kiss of Sophie. Though Maisy just ran around waiting for food..which was to be expected really. I didn’t get anything Rabbit related but thats ok because I got given money which I’m using to pay off my new Macbook Pro which I bought just after christmas.

I bought it because well… I love my iPhone and iPad but they aren’t perfect for blogging. I was also getting fed up of my old dell not being fast enough so I treated myself :D.

On to the rabbits. I normally buy Sophie and Maisy meadow hay. They have had many types of hay many brands but this seemed to be their favourite.  I buy it from my local pet shop which is only small but the last bag I bought wasn’t labelled in the same way. I asked the boy on the till if it was different and he assured me it was exactly the same….. My buns know different as they have not been eating as much. Yeah they still eat it but normally they can empty their rack in just over an hour and now it can last all day.

So I’m pretty annoyed as it was their favourite, I’m thinking if I try find an old bit of packaging that I might try and find the company and go direct to them or just hope the pet shop gets more in.

How about your buns? Do they prefer a certain brand/type?

Nat x



Welcome to my new blog.

I am Natalie and I have two beautiful rabbits.


There we are ^^ . Apologies for the rubbish picture but to get a photo of me and both buns was quite a struggle.

I plan on blogging about our daily/weekly goings on and maybe a few reviews and any information that I’d like to share or pass on .

If you have any tips or ideas, even blogging tips I would be very interested to get any input. I have blogged before but it wasn’t on WordPress so please be patient with me.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Nat x