Bunny Introductions

ImageThis little bun is Sophie. She is a dutch rabbit and full of mischief with a big personality.  She was born in Feb 2013.  My nephew named her Sophie after a girl at pre-school.

Sophie loves to explore and always gets in to places she knows she isn’t supposed to. A whole room to go in…she wants to get in the cornered off part where all the electric cables are. She also loves to hide under the sofa and eat any little bits of food that may have dropped down through gaps in the cushions. 

Pellets are her favourite food but she is very good with her vegetables and hay …though if pellets are there the rest don’t get looked at.   She also enjoys throwing things around..I find it hard to tell if she likes it or if she is just throwing things out of her way that annoy her…it makes me laugh even if she is annoyed haha. I’ve learnt that if i put chews/toys in their hutch Sophie tends to move them all to one corner so they aren’t in her way…she would much rather chew on her stairs …not an impressed bun mum.



This beautiful face is Maisy she was also born in Feb 2013. I believe she is some sort of English mix but we aren’t sure. 

Maisy is a lot quieter and much more shy than Sophie. Even now she can run and hide in the sheltered part of their hutch from me if she thinks I might be getting her out. 

I’ve discovered in the last 2 weeks that Maisy loves willow. She seems to love destroying whatever she can if its made of willow. She is also much more happy to just loaf around than doing any hopping and binkying (unlike Sophie who does it quite often).


The buns are outdoor rabbits they live in a two storey hutch in a place that doesn’t get the wind/rain so much and that also isn’t always in the Sun during summer. I have a big run out in the summer which they are in most of the time though they can’t be left on their own as we get birds of prey fly over and also cats that I’ve seen watching them. Plus naughty Sophie learnt how to jump out ( I have since got a taller run) and she taught Maisy, so I would look up to find them taking free run eating things they shouldn’t. 


Anyway thats the buns. If you would like to know any more then let me know 

Nat x 





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