Hay Expert delivery


I was SUPER excited yesterday to receive my order from The Hay Experts http://www.thehayexperts.co.uk

I placed the order on Saturday 11th and it arrived on Tuesday 14th so was impressed with delivery time. It is obviously quicker to come when ordered on working days.

You get emailed with a time for estimated delivery and it came within that time, on purchase you can give delivery instructions or arrange a certain delivery day.

So I opened up this beauty and it smelt amazing! It was well packaged and there was no damage to anything.

Okay so what did I get?


I got a bag of Readigrass by Friendly Estates.

A bag of Vitaverde hay and peppermint by Vitakraft

A bag or birch leaves by The Hay Experts

The sample bag set which contains 6 different types of hay for your bunnies to sample so you can test what they will prefer without it costing you a fortune.

I also bought a few willow toys and pinecones (but more on them another day)

Okay so the hay..

I bought Readigrass because it said on the website what a high fibre food it was.  I had been slightly worried about my Sophie’s poops as they have been a bit small and dark which I’ve heard can be due to low fibre.

Since purchasing I’ve spoken to a few people who have said Readigrass shouldn’t be fed all to often as its high in calcium. So just a few handfuls a day.

Well lets just say the buns wolfed it down!

I don’t blame them either because it smelt AMAZING. I just sprinkled some in with their pellets and a little in with their hay and it disappeared pretty quick.

They have also tried the deans meadow hay sample which they also seemed to like so I have already ordered a bag of that haha.

Today I have given them the hay and peppermint. Whilst they are eating it ..I think it’s only because thats all they have.. They normally start eating hay straight after their pellets but the hay and peppermint seems to stick around longer.  I bought this one as the buns love their mint with their vegetables but it doesn’t seem to have the same impact with this hay.

So we are going to spend the next week working our way through the different samples and seeing what the buns like best and I shall be on bun poop watch to see how things go haha.

I would definitely recommend The Hay Experts website. The prices are very reasonable and delivery was very quick and easy.

I will be purchasing from them again thats for sure… I just have to find the space to put it all.


One thought on “Hay Expert delivery

  1. have fun testing them all out,lucky for us we get proper meadow hay straight from a farmer who is a pal,xx Rachel

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