Productive Bunny Day

My god I love a good productive bunny day.

Today I completely blitzed the rabbits hutch, they had been a little bit naughty and peeing in places they shouldn’t . Tut tut bunnies.

So my cleaning spray came out and for the first time I used some white vinegar in the places they had been using as their toilet in the hope they won’t go there again. I don’t hold much hope though.

A few days ago I also bought them a new litter tray because the one I had was looking a bit old and they didn’t really seem to use it as much so I thought a change might be worth a try.  The old one was just a modified plastic storage box so that they could get more hay but then I found it to be much messier because Sophie would just dig her litter out.



So there is the new litter tray which is actually a cat litter one but it means it is much bigger and as you can see from the beautiful models they fit in it comfortably and they can actually lie down in there too.

Also I don’t know if you can see but I have also put in a new little hay holder on the side wall of the hutch. Its a little bird feeder but it just gives them a little more hay and a bit more to keep them interested. So my dad just put in a little screw and the holder just hooks on nicely. They can also reach the hay rack that is on the door from the litter box.


So that is my set up at the moment.

Okay I know a lot of people will hate my set up because it isn’t big enough and I honestly don’t have an excuse.  It is a 6ft by 3ft hutch and they don’t have an attached run. I am trying my best to convince my parents in to letting me put a run around the front. I am 25 but I live with my parents so unfortunately it is their house and I don’t get much say. Of course if it was up to me they would be house bunnies with free rein  or even outdoor bunnies with a large shed but I can’t do anything about that I’m afraid.

A lot of people will also not like that I use wood shavings. I am fully aware of the dangers (respiratory problems) but I have never had a problem with using them. I am however doing some research in to megazorb and if I could use that but its also storing it for me thats the problem..again because it’s my parents house and I’m already getting moaned at about all their stuff haha.

I have a cupboard in the garage where I keep my bunny supplies which I also blitzed today so everything is much more organised and easier to get too.

So that was my bunny productive day.. I managed to get them sorted but I on the other hand have washing and other jobs to get on top of.

All the best

Nat x


One thought on “Productive Bunny Day

  1. its not a bad set up as hutches go,and even if you put a run on the front it still wouldn’t be perfect as they need a big area to be able to run around and to be able to jump and binky,so as long as you are giving them time out of the hutch to play and run its fine.My Speedy only gets supervised play time which is pretty much post of the day but at night he is in his den upstairs or when we are out as they do like to nibble,he escaped to the lounge today and bit through a speaker cable,naughty boy but that was my fault for not watching him better as I was getting changed and he was upstairs or so I thought seems he sneaked down the stairs on his own,well thats what they do chew cables,xx Rachel

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