My Birthday

Good evening!

Today is my 25th birthday yaaayyy.

I even had a little birthday kiss of Sophie. Though Maisy just ran around waiting for food..which was to be expected really. I didn’t get anything Rabbit related but thats ok because I got given money which I’m using to pay off my new Macbook Pro which I bought just after christmas.

I bought it because well… I love my iPhone and iPad but they aren’t perfect for blogging. I was also getting fed up of my old dell not being fast enough so I treated myself :D.

On to the rabbits. I normally buy Sophie and Maisy meadow hay. They have had many types of hay many brands but this seemed to be their favourite.  I buy it from my local pet shop which is only small but the last bag I bought wasn’t labelled in the same way. I asked the boy on the till if it was different and he assured me it was exactly the same….. My buns know different as they have not been eating as much. Yeah they still eat it but normally they can empty their rack in just over an hour and now it can last all day.

So I’m pretty annoyed as it was their favourite, I’m thinking if I try find an old bit of packaging that I might try and find the company and go direct to them or just hope the pet shop gets more in.

How about your buns? Do they prefer a certain brand/type?

Nat x