Rabbit goodies



So I went bunny shopping…again. I got a few Naturals treats and a Living World salad bowl.

I have tried several of things from the Naturals range and I have been impressed with all of them. They are what they say they are ‘Natural’ and a perfect treat for your buns.

I myself mix them in to some forage and some hay so the buns have to root around to find the yumminess. 

I haven’t had anything from Living World before but I had heard good things. So they do a range of different salad bowls and I picked one at random. When opened it smells amazing and very tempting (for a rabbit). I mixed it all up with some readigrass and gave the buns two handfuls for them to much in their litter box.  Well lets just say it soon disappeared, not a trace was left.


The salad I got contained parsley, parsnip, meadow grass and sweet pepper. So you can imagine why it smelt so delicious to a few hungry bunnies.



This is a mixture of the Living World salad, some readigrass and the celery crunch from Naturals.

The buns love tucking in to this in their litter box when I sprinkle some over their hay. It keeps them quiet for a little bit whilst I clean up those poops that don’t make it into the litter box haha.


vvvvvv See for yourself the results vvvvvvImage